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Personal Money Management

Your money matters. That’s why we take a disciplined approach to portfolio management.

We build wealth for our clients by conducting objective research and providing honest, unbiased advice. That plus personalized attention to you is our mission, our passion, and our life’s work–and that is how we define Personal Money Management.

The result of our work is our clients have outperformed the S&P 500 Index since 2000.

We look forward to discussing how our investment management expertise can increase your wealth. Please contact us today!

Equities Research

There are thousands of publicly-traded stocks, but relatively few truly superior businesses. Our growth-oriented and value-disciplined approach to stock selection begins by screening for companies that have a successful track record of growing their sales and earnings and whose stock values leave room for further stock appreciation.

We expect the companies we buy and hold for our clients to demonstrate good cash flow characteristics. Management should demonstrate its commitment to a singular vision, and that vision should be combined with the company’s commitment to the interests of its shareholders. When a company that meets our growth and value characteristics comes along, we follow it closely, looking for any evidence for or against our thesis that the company has attractive prospects for investors.

A company that demonstrates consistently impressive performance will likely eventually be promoted to “portfolio company,” meaning that we begin purchasing shares for client accounts. Our entire investment team monitors portfolio companies on a day-to-day, week-to-week, and quarter-to-quarter basis for signs of weakness or for superior opportunities.

Sell Discipline

When portfolio companies show signs of trouble, we react quickly to any new information that becomes available and then act according to our reading of the situation. By following companies closely over time, we develop a familiarity with the business and management which hones our ability to interpret new developments.

Sometimes a situation weakens gradually over time, and we are faced with a decision whether to be patient and allow the company and its industry to return to form or move along to the best stock we have to “challenge” the incumbent holding. Tax considerations, as well as general market conditions, can affect the timing of our buy and sell decisions.

Long-term Track Record

The true sign of an expert money manager is not the ability to outperform the market in any one given year. Instead, the real proof is in outperforming the market consistently over a long period of time. Our firm has outperformed the S&P 500 Index since 2000.

Fixed Income

Your total returns and your investments’ comprehensive risk profile are the two most important considerations in our approach to Personal Money Management.

We believe other investment managers typically over allocate clients to bonds. In doing so, they introduce substantial inflation risk, as well as the possibility of capital losses if interest rates rise. Despite these risks, however, fixed income can still have a place in an investor’s portfolio.

The municipal bond market can offer some excellent opportunities for tax-sensitive investors. We perform our own research, and we work to find uncommon opportunities trading at prices that allow our clients to earn superior yields compared to what is commonly available through bond funds.

Fee Schedule

Our clients do not pay layers of fees for sub-advisors or consultants. We keep all our investment research and portfolio management in-house. Provident clients never pay for “soft-dollar” compensation arrangements. We earn our fee by practicing Personal Money Management for you, and we grow our business by growing your assets.

Equity Account Value Fee
Under $500k 1.25% per year
$500k to $1M 1% per year
$1M to $3M 8/10 of 1% per year
$3M to $5M 7/10 of 1% per year
Over $5M 6/10 of 1% per year