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Who Chooses Provident Investment Management?

Most of our clients are regular people and regular families. That’s different from many other investment advisors, who prefer dealing with big institutional accounts. It has always been that way, ever since Ralph and Maury opened up shop with a single client in 1981. Today, Provident Investment Management has over 300 client relationships.

Our clients come from all over the country. Many have managed their own investments for years, before hiring Provident so they could focus on leisure or other activities in retirement.

What types of investors choose Provident Investment Management?

  • Investors who want capital growth.

  • Investors who need to strike the right balance between maximizing returns and being smart about taxes.

  • Investors who want individual stocks and bonds, not just a heap of mutual funds that often results in excess fees.

  • Investors who expect to be able to talk to their money manager whenever they need to, not just by appointment.

  • Investors who think money managers should work in an office, not on a golf course.

Why do they choose Provident Investment Management?

  • For our Professional Expertise
    All our Portfolio Managers are Chartered Financial Analysts.

  • For our Proven Record
    Most firms try to hide their performance results. We like to lead with ours. You should insist on seeing five or ten years of performance data from a firm before you choose. View our investment performance.

  • For Peace of Mind
    Our firm has been here since 1981, and we have a demonstrated record of investment success. We’ve survived the bubbles, the market fads, the economic dips, and the crises.

  • For our Style
    Most firms specialize in growth OR value investing, but Provident looks for the synthesis of both. Many larger firms exclusively invest their clients’ money in large-capitalization stocks. While we’ll buy big companies when we see an opportunity, the best opportunities are usually found in smaller or mid-sized, under-the-radar firms.

Becoming a Client

One of our senior portfolio managers speaks with every prospective client to establish goals and expectations and to determine the suitability of investing with us. Once you become a Provident client, we build you an individual portfolio of high-quality growth stocks purchased with a value discipline. We can also manage the fixed-income portion of your portfolio using individual bonds.

We manage any combination of taxable and non-taxable accounts, including trusts, as well as Traditional and Roth IRAs. Beginning with a new client usually involves managing them out of some holdings they bring to us, while paying attention to tax considerations.

While not financial planners, we work with you to establish your objectives to meet one or more purposes, including retirement or estate planning needs. By treating all of your accounts as a combined portfolio, it becomes easier for you to see how the portfolio is meeting your objectives.

Each combined portfolio can typically be expected to hold roughly 20 stocks. These stocks are chosen from different industries and market capitalizations to gain the benefits of reduced volatility through diversification. We do not purchase mutual funds unless you are looking to invest cash short-term to gain market exposure, in which case we may buy an ETF that mimics a market index like the S&P 500. Over time, we sell the ETF and purchase stocks that fit our criteria.

We are long-term investors who do not try to “time” the market through rapid buys and sells, so typically our turnover is only 10% to 20% in any one year. By holding many stocks for a number of years, we allow our companies to realize their growth potential, which should be rewarded with higher share prices.

The contact form can help you get started today. Just complete the form, and we’ll get back to you promptly.

How We Communicate

At many other firms, a single agent “owns” each account. As a Provident Investment Management client, you have access to our entire firm whenever you need us. We’re available to discuss your investments or broader financial matters, help you move money in or out of your accounts reliably and quickly, or answer any other questions you may have.

As a Provident Investment Management client, you will receive a personalized letter each quarter. Click here for an example of a client letter.