The True Cost of Indexing

In the past few years I’ve met quite a few index investors who want to lecture me about why indexing is the one and only smart way to invest.  Their smug superiority is really starting to get to me. Indexing is a good way to invest, but it’s certainly not […]

January Investment Comments

Is it anticipation of better economic growth that has investors in a buying mood, or is it fear of being left out of a powerful rally?  Many investors are skeptical of the current stock market rally because stock valuations were already stretched at a time of slow economic growth.  Recent […]

December Investment Comments

After 34 years, could the secular bull market in bonds finally be ending?  Interest rates spiked—meaning bond prices fell—in the wake of the Republican Party’s shocking electoral sweep.  The move ran counter to conventional wisdom, which says that investors flee to the safety of sovereign debt in times of uncertainty. […]

Buyer Beware

Yellow flags abound when making even a cursory review of annuities: Anything that uses two sets of books is immediately suspect. Would you invest in something that calls the return a “roll-up rate” instead of an interest rate? Would you invest in something that has a 12% surrender charge as […]

November Investment Comments

After recovering from the Brexit announcement, the S&P 500 spent much of the third quarter in a tight trading range.  However, recently the market started trending down, likely due to slightly rising interest rates brought about by Central Bank activities. After spending much of the past few years pursuing monetary […]

Politics and Investing

I can’t remember an election cycle that has been so drawn out.  After the mid-term elections in 2014, the media immediately pivoted to the 2016 presidential election and hasn’t let up.  I think the constant attention has worn on people and exacerbated the elevated concern that always comes when two […]